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We’re experts in child education support. We’ve been transforming lives around the world for 14 years, working with children, communities and supporters to earn their trust.
Our staff lives and works in the community where your child is growing up. So they are perfectly placed to know what your child and their community need to thrive, and your support helps to make that happen. You can be sure we’ll achieve as much as possible with every penny you give us, to change lives for good.

Accountability & Transparency:

The following detail shows how a single penny of your money can support a needy student or an IDP child to once again enjoy schooling with a fun inside a conducive learning environment and a safe and a friendly education place without fear & terror:

The Education Cluster in Pakistan (unicef & other NGOs) has fixed a criteria of $40/- as a cost per student and Philanthrope, being a member of the cluster for the last 9 years in all emergencies in Pakistan from 2005 Earthquake till date, has to follow the rules. All our programs are regularly discussed in meetings and guided by the cluster.

Promoting education is our main cause

At 2.9 percent of GDP, Pakistan’s investment in education is well below Millennium Development Goal (MDG) requirements. The country’s Human Development Index (HDI) rank in education is 144, significantly below its overall HDI rank of 125. The educational status of women is among the worst in the world with high dropout rates for girls due to customs like early marriages and forced domestic labor. Rural literacy among girls, at 26 percent, is estimated to be half that of boys. Rapid growth of private sector education providers has partially compensated for poor government spending in education. But these facilities are mainly urban-based and often unaffordable for the poor, apart from being poorly regulated in terms of quality and standards. Similarly, rapid increase in the number of madrasas in certain parts of the country is helping the poor receive a basic education, but since their curricula are religion-oriented and generally do not follow national guidelines, these institutions offer limited scope for transition to formal or higher education, and formal employment. Militant and fundamentalist forces have often targeted girls’ schools. Promoting girls’ education is our priority. Philanthrope is engaged in post-disaster education rehabilitation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in the wake of conflict, an earthquake and floods. We are directly supporting reconstruction, and also working with local NGOs, community-based organizations (CBOs), and authorities to encourage rehabilitation of destroyed education infrastructure.

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Bank Name : NRSP Micro Finance Bank
Account Title : PHILANTHROPE
Account No: 0670010219213
Address:  A-1 Commercial building Jehangir abad Opposit city Tower university road Peshawar.

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Bank Name : Bank Alfalah Limitd
Account Title : PHILANTHROPE
Account No: 0263-1004457727
IBAN: PK40ALFH0263001004457727
Swift Code: ALFHPKKA
Address: F11 Markaz, Islamabad
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